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What are Demodex Mites and Why Do They Live in My Skin and Hair Follicles?

Demodex mites treatment
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Do you have any idea what’s crawling on your face right now? Maybe you get surprised or feel creepy sensations… Don’t look in the mirror, because you won’t see these creepy crawlies! Whether you like it or not –and of course, I know you don’t – there are spider-like creatures crawling across your face, mating, giving birth to their larva, eating, and (finally) dying on your skin. These are humans’ face mites! Meet your closest companions: Demodex Folliculorum and Demodex Brevis. They are the causes of Demodicosis in humans.

What are Demodex Mites and What Species Live on Human Skin?

Demodex is an eight-legged, spider-like, humans’ face mite and is an obligate ectoparasite on mammals. It lives in hair follicles and the sebaceous glands beneath them. There are around 65 species of Demodex mites known, two of which are specific to humans: D.Folliculorum and D.Brevis

Rosacea symptoms

Demodex Brevis


D.Brevis is very similar to Demodex Folliculorum except for some differences. Unlike D. Folliculorum (that lives in follicles,) Demodex Brevis lives in the sebaceous glands (located below the follicles) and lays eggs in the same place. D. Brevis is shorter than its counterpart and is only 0.2 to 0.3 mm long.

Hair loss

What Problems Do the Demodex Mites Cause?


There are a variety of skin and hair problems that are associated with high numbers of humans’ face mites, including:
• Rosacea
• Seborrheic dermatitis
• Skin itching
• Acne vulgaris
• Blepharitis
• Chalazion
• Hair loss
• Thinning hair
• Dandruff

Although the low population density of these parasites may not cause serious skin and hair problems, they typically aggravate them, which then leads to Demodicosis.

Demodex Folliculorum


D.Folliculorum Mites (as the name implies) live in hair follicles, and they survive on dead cells and oily sebum. Its thin, worm-like body helps it adapt to our tight follicles. They are 0. 3 – 0.4 mm long, with eight short legs as adults, and only three pairs of legs as lava and nymphs. They have simple guts with no anus.

Demodex Brevis

Are Demodex Mites Harmful?


Demodex mites have always lived on human skin. Although they feed on skin oil, these microscopic creatures usually do not pose a serious problem for humans. Typically, their life on human skin is an example of “Commensalism,” a type of coexistence in which one organism benefits and the other derives neither benefits nor suffers.
However, if the number of Demodex mites increase, (sometimes by a weakened immune system) they can become harmful. If these Demodex mites have found more than a five per centimetre square of skin, they can aggravate a variety of existing skin and hair problems and in some cases, even originate them. Demodicosis is a term that includes various intensive Demodex manifestations.


Demodicosis Treatment:


Demodex does not usually require immediate treatment. But if it causes or aggravates any skin or hair issues, it must be treated. Ozidex is one of the companies that have introduced a new solution in the field of Demodex treatment, by producing Procutin.

Demodex Mites Online Quiz
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How Does Procutin Help Treat Demodicosis?


PROCUTiN kills the humans’ face mite in direct contact. By controlling the food resources available to Demodex, the product restricts the mite’s growth and helps cure it.
The exciting thing about Procutin is that it can kill insects, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms.
Just spray a small amount of Procutin on a surface (such as sheets and personal items) or your skin, and it will help prevent Demodex from being passed on to others or you again.

12 thoughts on “What are Demodex Mites and Why Do They Live in My Skin and Hair Follicles?

  1. Linda says:

    How much does it cost? I want to order it.

    1. sepideh-ozidex says:

      Hi Linda, thanks for your comment. You can watch our products HERE!

  2. Leanne Williams says:

    I have scabies but have a large unidentify mites living in my hair how much will it cost to get it to swansea wales uk

    1. Armin says:

      Ouch, we are so sorry to hear this! We provide free worldwide shipping from Australia so shipping to Whales is not an issue. We would suggest purchasing the 3 pack as scabies and other kind of potentially environmental mites require treating a larger surface area and you will get a bit more bang for your buck. Looking forward to helping you Leanne!


  3. Penny Brooks says:

    I developed a skin problem like red raised sometimes sore spots. I used to see small almost microscopic things on my skin that would just appear everywhere which I also noticed on my pet monkeys.
    So I collected these little things into a container and my vetinary surgeon sent them away to a laboratory. The result was the Demodex mite. I’ve had this miserable problem for 3 years and am desperate to get rid of it bc an you help
    Kind regards
    Penny Brooks in UK

    1. Armin says:

      Ohh Penny you poor thing! Besides the mites, having pet monkeys sounds pretty amazing though!

      Procutin is suitable for your skin and will help with the environment as well. We offer free express shipping from Australia to the UK and will leave the link below, hopefully we can help get your skin back on track.


  4. Eleanor Youkneveich says:

    I have dermatox mites in my ears, ear Drs never see anything because there are microscopic. Can you help me

    1. sepideh-ozidex says:

      Hi Eleanor, thanks for your comment.
      Demodex mites live in hair follicles, and they survive on dead cells and oily sebum. ears can be a great place for them, it’s dark, and oily, with hair follicles. So your problem can be Demodex mites. You can use our product to help remove them, but you have to be very careful with using it, you won’t spray directly inside your ear. Be in touch with our consultants here.

  5. Philip says:

    I’ve had these for over 2 years, I feel that companies such as ungex pry on people’s suffering. They tout the benefits of their product and say its £300 a course but you could need 2 or 3 courses. My issue is is there testimonies of you’re product and also how comes none of yous mention diet or lifestyle because diet is a big factor, ie eating fatty meat curries spices most fruit makes them alot worse. I’d love to purchase this product but I’d need some sort of reassurance sure you can’t guarantee anything but to merely throw money out there and hope for the best is a bad move. I’ve spent 1000s of different approaches but none have came to fruition, I’ve did exactly what is says religiously sometimes a little extra to no avail.

    1. sepideh-ozidex says:

      We understand your concerns and frustrations with finding effective solutions for your condition.
      Regarding your question about testimonies, we have many satisfied customers who have shared their experiences with Ungex products.
      Additionally, our consultants are available to provide guidance on habits and protocols, including the potential impact of diet and lifestyle on managing Demodex mite infestations.
      We understand the frustration of trying various approaches without success. If you’re interested in trying Ungex products, we’re here to assist you and provide support throughout your journey. Feel free to reach out to us for further information and assistance.

  6. Marj Smith says:

    I have had mites for 4 years been to 4 dermatologist over the years . Either the don’t know what it is or they say I should see a psychological doctor. My hair has been falling out and I get large purple or black marks on my hands legs and arms . Sometimes 3 small open red skiff marks then another longer one where it went under skin. Little brown dots under my cuticals on fingernails .Hair gets real tangled when I shampoo. Sores on skin . It has been awful and I can’t find anyone in the medical field that can help or make me feel like a fool.

    1. sepideh-ozidex says:

      It sounds like you’ve been dealing with a lot for quite some time, and I can understand how frustrating and distressing it must be.Your symptoms sound serious and deserve proper attention. I would strongly encourage you to seek out another dermatologist or perhaps even a specialist who may have experience with similar cases. It’s important to advocate for your own health and well-being, so please don’t hesitate to reach out for further medical assistance. Your symptoms are valid, and finding the right doctor who listens and takes them seriously is crucial.

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