Demodex Skin Treatment


USD $289 .00


PROCUTiN is an Aussie-made anti-Demodex product made with natural, herbal-based ingredients to help eliminate Demodex mites on the skin. It also prevents the cross-transferring of Demodex from a contagious person to others who aren’t. The product can help a myriad of skin and hair issues related to Demodex mites, like; acne rosacea, blepharitis, demodicosis, dandruff, itching, crawling and burning sensations, etc.


USD $579.00


PROCUTiN helps alleviate the symptoms of Demodex over populations by eliminating Demodex not only on the skin but also on various surfaces and fabrics. Symptoms like weird crawling or itching sensations at night, burning sensation, demodicosis, red skin, inflammation, and skin irritability. In addition, Procutin can help treat Demodex-related concerns such as acne rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, acne, blepharitis, and hair problems by eliminating Demodex.

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