The Effectiveness of the PROCUTiN

Besides Demodex mites – the main target of PROCUTiN, the OZiDEX Demodex mite treatment product- other mites also may cause other issues. Here we briefly introduce you to the most important ones:


Scabies is a contagious skin disease that is quickly transmitted from one person to another upon direct contact. The cause of scabies in humans is a type of mite known as Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis.
Although mating is on the skin’s surface, the mite burrows into the epidermis and lays eggs.
It may take up to six weeks from when the mite is transferred to the skin for symptoms to appear. Manifestations include severe itching and rash that worsens during the night.
The cause of scabies’ clinical symptoms is not the mite itself but the immune system’s response to its secretions and feces. For this reason, the latency of the disease is shorter in people who have previously had scabies.
The skin issue can affect all parts of the body. However, it is more common in the hands (back and palms, fingers, wrists, elbows, armpits) as well as the groin and nipples.
Dermatologists treat scabies with topical medications such as permethrin cream, benzyl benzoate lotion, and crotamiton cream. They may also prescribe oral medications.

Oak mites

Oak mite is not harmful to the oak tree but is to humans. These mites live, lay eggs and reproduce inside the oak leaves’ galls. They feed on insect larvae such as flies.
The problem starts when the Oak mites fall off the leaves and drop on you or your picnic’s table. They may also travel long distances by wind and enter houses through windows and doors.
The Oak mites bite site turns into a painful boil after about 12 hours. These pimples may last for up to two weeks.
The only way to prevent Oak mites is to protect yourself. During the growing seasons, keep doors and windows closed and not pass under oak trees.
Specialists usually prescribe hydrocortisone to relieve itching.

dust mites

Dust mites typically feed on dead skin. Each person sheds about 1.5 grams of dead skin per day, which provides food for millions of mites. For this reason, they are commonly found in homes, especially in places such as beds, rugs, and furniture.
Although the dust mites’ bite is not noticeable, they can cause itchy skin and aggravate allergies. So far, one of the most important causes of allergies inside the houses is these mites.
The above findings confirm the importance of cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, and regularly washing the sheets. On the other hand, in hot and humid climates, dust mites’ growth is much higher.
The best way to avoid dust mite’s related issues is to keep the house clean. If you have allergies, you can use over-the-counter medications as well as medications prescribed by your doctor to control your symptoms.

Rodent and Bird Mites

Birds and rodents have mites considered parasites and feed on these beings’ blood. Unlike Demodex, such mites are not human parasites, but they can still bite people.
Birds such as chickens, roosters, and pigeons, as well as house mice, have their specific mites that feed on their blood. If these mites bite humans, the symptoms are similar to the bite and sting of other insects and usually do not cause remarkable other issues.
However, if they transmit bacteria to human skin, secondary bacterial infections are considered complications of these mites.


Chiggers are larvae of a type of mite known as red mite. They live on the grasses and attach to the human body in contact. Several chiggers may stick to your skin in groups as you walk along the polluted grass, causing severe itching.
They prefer warm, moist areas of the skin. Despite the immaturity of these mites, their bites are a great punch. The nibble’s site turns red, and you may see a red spot in the centre, which is where the chigger sucks your blood.
Chiggers can stay attached to the skin for several days and suck blood several times.
The best way to get rid of them is to wash your skin quickly with soap and water. These mites do not pass through the skin, so you can simply remove them by proper washing.

Straw itch mites

Straw itch mite is a kind of microscopic arthropod that lives on hay, straw, and stored grains. Its scientific name is Pyemotes ventricosus. Like Domodex, this mite has a thin, semi-transparent, elongated body. Since they feed on smaller insects and mites, they seem to be beneficial for farms and plants. However, they are considered a pest in large numbers and can bite humans and animals. The mite’s prickling sensation, which after a few hours reaches its peak, is excruciating.
Individual response to straw itch mites varies significantly. Some people do not feel anything, while some others may even get a mild fever. However, red, painful pimples are the most prevalent symptoms of the Straw itch mite’s bite.

PROCUTiN Kills Mites

Although Procutin is particularly formulated to accelerate Demodex mite treatment by combating the mite, it can kill various other mites upon direct contact. This feature, which is one of the side benefits of this Ozidex product, has expanded its scope of use. In addition to mites, this natural and herbal combination can kill some annoying insects, spiders, and other creepy crawlies that can cause some other issues