Demodex Mite
Density Test

Online Demodex Mite
Density Test

Don’t you know your Demodex density? Take this 5-minutes online test to estimate Demodex population density on your skin and scalp.

Demodex mites live in small numbers on most people’s skin.

But if they increase in number, they may lead to various issues for your skin and hair. Your infestation may be clinically in-apparent right now, but the mites can multiply quickly under favourable circumstances and take control of your skin and hair.

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Demodex Mite Density Test

  • Read each multiple choice question carefully and choose the best answer to each one.

  • These carefully crafted questions help you estimate Demodex infestation even more precisely than a microscopic test.

  • Many people have already estimated their Demodex population through this accurate test.

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Online Test Guide

  1. This user-friendly test includes some questions related to Demodex mites population density on your skin and scalp.
  2. It may take 5 minutes for you to complete it.
  3. The results estimate the severity of the mites Density on your skin.
  4. Based on the result, you can seek help to get rid of Demodex mite broad range symptoms.

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