Demodex Mite
Density Test

Online Demodex Mite
Density Test

Don’t you know your Demodex density? Take this 5-minutes online test to estimate Demodex population density on your skin and scalp.

Demodex mites live in small numbers on most people’s skin.

But if they increase in number, they may lead to various issues for your skin and hair. Your infestation may be clinically in-apparent right now, but the mites can multiply quickly under favourable circumstances and take control of your skin and hair.

online test for demodex mite

Demodex Mite Density Test

  • Read each multiple choice question carefully and choose the best answer to each one.

  • These carefully crafted questions help you estimate Demodex infestation even more precisely than a microscopic test.

  • Many people have already estimated their Demodex population through this accurate test.


Online Test Guide

  1. This user-friendly test includes some questions related to Demodex mites population density on your skin and scalp.
  2. It may take 5 minutes for you to complete it.
  3. The results estimate the severity of the mites Density on your skin.
  4. Based on the result, you can seek help to get rid of Demodex mite broad range symptoms.

8 thoughts on “Online Demodex Mite Quiz

  1. Kate says:

    It’s an amazing quiz. My Demodex population was high and I started using Procutin. I hope it help my disgusting scalp itching!!!

    1. sepideh-ozidex says:

      Thanks Kate,
      I hope your itching disappears so soon. Just remember not to stop using products after itchiness is gone. in order to eliminate all Demodex mites generations like eggs, keep using PROCUTiN for at least 3-4 months.

  2. Tahlita says:

    I have démodé mites on my skin and inside my body how can you help me?

    1. sepideh-ozidex says:

      Hey Tahlita,
      Thanks for your message. You can use our spray, PROCUTiN. It removes Demodex mites and gets help to improve skin/hair issues that are related to Demodex mites.
      Order Here:

  3. JEREDITH. Timmer says:

    I have experienced face itching, scalp itching, dry skin feelings of crawling bugs on my arms legs trunk and neck. No red marks.
    I am a 74 year old woman and have long covid symptoms with vertigo with dizziness and nausea and vomiting. The FNP noted fluid behind the membrane. Antibiotics Augmenting, nasal spray and Zyrtec. No help. I fall on occasion and use my cane as needed. Humming in my ears as

    1. sepideh-ozidex says:

      Hi Jeredith,
      Thanks for your message. To be honest, we just can speak about your skin/scalp issues and for your “dizziness, nausea, and vomiting” you should visit an expert in that realm. Demodex mites increase their population when the immune system is weak and can’t fight them. These days lots of people can feel these symptoms like you said since Covid can weaken the immune system. So you may experience a high population of Demodex mites and they bring out itching and crawling sensations to you. You can be in touch with us to help remove your Demodex mites and alleviate your symptoms.

  4. Lane Dutton says:

    I have had these for several years. They are all over my body. Sometimes I can brush them out of my hair. They are in my ears and I have developed a ringing sensation.They get in my shoes and are therefore all over my feet and every other part of my body. When I bathe areas of my skin will turn red. They are all in my house.

    1. sepideh-ozidex says:

      Hi Lane, I’m sure you can overcome this situation and solve the issue. Just please use the product carefully and during the whole treatment period, and if you had any questions, don’t hesitate to ask Emma. Thanks

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