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If you have filled out OZiDEX Demodex test, you may received one of these reports:

Infestation Case

Black color shows the most dangerous density of Demodex mites population which is higher than 800. Don’t lose a second and start the treatment now.

Very High Density

Red color shows a high Demodex density range from 400 to 800. You can take action immediately in order to avoid possible problems.

High Density

Orange color shows a high Demodex density range from 200 to 400. You can take action soon in order to avoid possible problems.

Medium Density

Yellow color shows a Medium Demodex density range from 100 to 200. You can take action now before it gets any further.

Low Density

Green color shows a low Demodex density which is below 100. Good job! Keep on healthy diets, taking enough rests after work, and live your life without anxiety.

Are the test results valid?

Yes, the current online Demodex density test is based on years of research, and numerous valid studies support it. The feedback we have received from thousands of test-takers also confirms its efficacy.

Which one is more valid? The online Demodex density test or a laboratory one?

You can be sure that the online test is more valid.  It is based on your clinical signs, and the sign’s voice is usually louder than anything. 

In contrast, taking skin samples for the microscopic examination requires a lot of expertise and the results vary depending on the procedure’s time, skin oil, the seasonal conditions, and the weather.

What should I do to control my skin Demodex?

PROCUTiN – a powerful anti-Demodex product of OZiDEX – helps you regain your Demodex controls and get rid of their symptoms. To buy the product, follow the link below.

Is PROCUTiN enough to restore my detection circles into green?

PROCUTiN is definitely a big help. Besides, the OZiDEX guideline -which is provided with the product-  helps you control all aspects of the mite population and return to “low density” mode.

How do I know if I have the Demodex mite?

Is Demodex contagious from human to human?

Can mites be the cause of my rosacea?