Controlling Eyelash Mites as a Blepharitis Treatment Strategy

Controlling Eyelash Mites (Blepharitis Treatment)
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Blepharitis is a chronic inflammation of the eyelids. Unlike a sty, this type of swelling affects both eyelids. Blepharitis treatment is challenging, and people with this issue often experience frequent recurrences.
This article reviews this common skin problem, its causes, diagnosis, and treatment (including eyelash mite control). Finally, we talk about the role of Procutin, the unique product of Ozidex, and its role in helping to treat blepharitis.

The Symptoms of Blepharitis

Regardless of the type and cause of blepharitis, common symptoms include:
• Itching eyelids
• Burning sensation
• Tearing
• Foreign body sensation in the eyes
• Dandruff-like flakes on the eyelashes, in the corner of the eye, or on the eyelid
• Red and dry eyelids
• Watery eyes
• Oily eyelids
• Light sensitivity

Long-Term Complications of Blepharitis

If left untreated, the eyelid inflammation can cause thickening of the eyelid edges, capillary dilation, Trichiasis (the eyelash growing back into the eye), eyelash loss, Ectropion (turning the lower eyelid outward), and Entropion (turning the lower eyelid inward).
It can also lead to complications in the conjunctiva and cornea. That’s why blepharitis treatment is so necessary.

Types of Blepharitis:

Posterior Blepharitis (demodex)

Blepharitis is usually divided into two kinds, posterior and anterior.

• Anterior Blepharitis:

This type affects the outer surface of the eyelids. Swelling of the skin, mainly around the eyelashes, and inflammation of follicles, are a common complication of anterior eyelid inflammation.

• Posterior Blepharitis:

This type involves the eyelid’s inner surface (where it is in contact with your eyes.) It is mostly caused by disorders of the meibomian glands, which is located behind the eyelashes follicles.

What causes Blepharitis?

The exact cause of the eyelid inflammation is not known. In some cases, the condition can be passed from person to person. However, one or more of the following factors may cause blepharitis:

• Seborrheic dermatitis
• Infection
• Dysfunction of the meibomian glands
• Rosacea
• Dry eyes
• Allergies including eye medication reactions, contact lens solution, or cosmetics
• Demodex mites

Among the above causes is staphylococcal infections (including staphylococcus aureus), and seborrheic dermatitis. They are the principal causes of anterior eyelid inflammation.
However, the leading cause of posterior eyelid inflammation is the dysfunction of the meibomian glands. These glands are above and below the eyelid, and their openings are located near the base of the eyelashes on the eyelids. When we blink, the oil secreted in these glands spreads on the surface of the eye and prevents dry eyes.
Meibomian gland dysfunction leads to the irregular secretion of oil, which in turn, leads to the growth of bacteria. This will be followed by irritated eyes and other symptoms of blepharitis.

What is the Role of Demodex in Causing Blepharitis?

Before examining Demodex mites’ role in creating and exacerbating blepharitis, it is good to know a little about them. Only then can we begin controlling Demodex mites as a remedy strategy.
Demodex mites are a type of arthropods, which refers to the class of Arachnida which are invisible to the naked eye. These mites have lived on mammals’ skin as ectoparasites for centuries. Among them, two species called Demodex folliculorum and Demodex Brevis live exclusively on human skin.
Although these mites are supposed to be harmless under normal circumstances, when their population increases, they can aggravate or even cause various skin and hair problems; one of which is blepharitis.
Demodex may cause blepharitis through various mechanisms, the most important of which are as follows:

• Physical obstruction:

Demodex can physically get trapped in the ducts of the sebaceous/meibomian glands, as well as the follicles. This may prevent secreted oil from leaking out, leading to inflammation, further bacterial growth, and eventually blepharitis.

• Inflammatory substances secretion

Various inflammatory substances are released from the body of Demodex, living or dead. This can either cause or exacerbate the inflammation and lead to the aforementioned ducts closing. These substances also may trigger inflammatory reactions by stimulating the immune system.

• Harmful bacteria:

Many harmful bacteria live inside the Demodex body; one of them is staphylococcus aureus, whose role in causing blepharitis is elucidated. When Demodex dies, these microorganisms spread on the skin surface. The more Demodex there are, the more bacteria are released.

Dry eyes (demodex)
Blepharitis Treatment (demodex)

Blepharitis Treatment

Due to its frequent recurrence, it isn’t easy to treat this skin condition. Doctors treat blepharitis based on the diagnosis.

• The use of antibiotics in the form of ointments, eye drops, or orally is beneficial.

• Artificial tears and/or drops that provide the necessary oil for the eyes are other blepharitis treatment.

• Steroids, on the other hand, are prescribed topically and orally to reduce inflammation.

• If the cause of blepharitis is Demodex, controlling Demodex mites plays a crucial role in treating blepharitis.
In addition to the above treatments, some home remedies (such as warm compresses) can also be helpful.

How Does Procutin Help Treat Blepharitis?

The mechanism of Procutin (Ozidex’s powerful and natural product) in helping blepharitis treatment, is similar to its performance with other skin issues. By removing Demodex mites, Procutin eliminates many factors that trigger or exacerbate blepharitis, including bacteria and various inflammatory agents.
PROCUTiN kills and controls eyelash mites when it comes into direct contact.
If you suffer from blepharitis, give Procutin a chance.


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Omg if I could give 10 stars I would!! The products works!!!! I’m only two months into my treatments and I feel like myself again. I felt a different after my first treatment the reason Im ordering more. Thanks PROCUTiN for giving me back my life.
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After battling for years with Demodex and spending money on everything possible, this stuff has finally given us an answer. This stuff is definitely expensive but after living years with "unknown" issues, it is finally nice to have answers and resolution. I will be forever grateful for this product and hope anyone else suffering will be able to use this to help them as well.
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Thanks to the OZiDEX. This product is a life saver!! I’d been running around from one dermatologist to the next. My primary care physician started giving me psychological drugs. I can’t begin to tell you what a literal hell I’d been going through and how much money I spent running around and trying different products online. PROCUTiN is the life saver and also saving my hair, skin, and my sanity.

7 thoughts on “Controlling Eyelash Mites as a Blepharitis Treatment Strategy

  1. Lori says:

    How does one use it on the eyes?
    Will it burn your eyes ? It has tree tea oil in it.
    I have mites in my scalp which is horrible because I have to use so much product even when my hair is wet to cover my whole scalp. I was going with Ungex but I am spending $600 a month for the last 5 months. I still have them Ungex has helped but it’s not totally getting rid of them. I eat healthy, exercise, support my immune system have no stress( except for this) no idea how I got them and this sure is awful to go through when no one believes you and they think your crazy. My hair on my scalp moves by itself and I itch. It’s the worst at night and it keeps my up a lot with discomfort. I can feel things crawling on my scalp and sometimes face. I know think I have them in my lashes. I have a bump on my outside lid. My eye felt heavy to open and I have like stye looking bumps on my Lash line.
    I have been to 3 Drs all tell me I don’t have anything. I even went to a dermatologist last week
    And did a biopsy results in this week. He said demodex mites can’t move your hair follicle. I don’t believe him because I know I have them. They put me on ivermectin for 4 weeks and said if I have any type of mite of parasite it should be dead and I shouldn’t have anymore symptoms. Well it helped but it didn’t get rid of them:( I have been seen and tested for scabies lice etc; no one can tell me why my hair is moving said it maybe neurological. So my question is to you.
    Has anyone else’s hair on there scalp move ?
    I haven’t seen anyone yet say they have.
    It’s horrible when no one believes something Is going on with you when you know there is:(
    I have been following the whole protocol from Ungex even though I am keeping it at bay I am still bothered by them it’s been over 6 months now of having them.
    Any suggestions or information would be appreciated. This whole thing is stopping me from
    Living my life:(

    1. Armin says:

      Ohh Lori you poor thing 🙁
      Please refer to the ‘sensitive’ section within the User guide for the eye area and apply gently around the lash line with a clen fingertip. I believe you are in touch with our support team directly so please don’t hesitate to reach back out to them if you need further assistance!

    2. Lisa Erickson says:

      Lori my name is Lisa and nobody has beleived me either I have been to many doctors many dermatologists not one could give me a diagnosis I’m a type 1 diabetic they all want to put the blame on that and it’s not that I’m on ivermectin now and it seems worse those little things feel gigantic when there crawling I’m here for you we sound like we’re both trying not to be crazy this torchers us ive gone threw this 13 yrs at first I thought it was head lice body lice I’ve never been threw this in my life I do have dry eyes and many more diabetic issues I want it to be gone I get so much anxiety feeling this I itch 24/7 it’s non stop my husband even thinks it’s my diabetes so do my grown daughters I’m sick of people!! don’t give I’m trying not to to I’m here for you if anybody wants to go to he’ll this is it! We have no life thanks Lisa

      1. sepideh-ozidex says:

        Hey Lisa,
        Very sorry for the late reply. I checked you have plenty of annoying skin conditions. I have to say that the Demodex mites’ high population can bring out / exacerbate lots of skin/scalp issues. So you may give a chance to anti-Demodex products to solve your issues. You can use our free consultation too. Please be in touch with us.

        1. Maria says:

          I would change doctors find a doctor that deals with parasites. Maybe they can do a test to see if you have some kind of a parasite if you feel that quality sensation… Are used to watch a show called the monsters inside me and I remember seeing a show about someone who felt things crawling in their scalp and it was parasites so you might need an infectious disease doctor and go from there. Good luck.

    3. Jo says:

      Did you ever fix it?

    4. Christy says:

      Lori, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I had my first weird thing happen about 3 years ago. The bottom of my foot got really sore,swollen & red, it hurt to walk, nothing excruciating. The next day, I put self tanner all over my body. Within a few hours, there were black,gooey looking things coming out of my skin, about the size of those tiny foam balls the kids have in that foam slime they play with. I could see them through my skin but couldn’t remove them until they surfaced. They might not have actually been black, maybe the tanner discolored them. I washed entirely with lice shampoo, thought I was ok. A few weeks later, I developed this God awful itchy rash on the inside of my calves. It went away without treatment. Since then, I have developed weird acne, scarring, slow healing sores, random rashes on the inside of my thighs, lower part of my back, a really bad one on a big scar going down my stomach, white looking feathers on my face after showering, black itchy dots, black or white strands of fuzz, dark teal colored what looks like a fuzz ball, yet ALWAYS has 1 or 2 long antenna, old scars that have seemed to be in a different pattern than before, bad patches of dry skin, acne that moves in the opposite direction if I try to pop it, severe fever blisters (15 on my mouth at once) bad watery eyes, I can barely wear eyeliner anymore, swollen eyes, red eyelids, my hair is thinning badly especially around my forehead and middle part. It appears some of my hairs move on their own as well, even when they’re not attached to my head anymore. My teeth have spaces between them, my feet, toes and tips of my fingers excessively peel & i have random upper right quadrant pain as well. I feel awful, tired all the time, I literally cannot sleep enough, I have 0 motivation. I use to tan regularly, wouldnt leave the house without my make up on and hair fixed. Now i can barely force myself to shower most days much less care what i look like at all. I have aged a significant amount, my wrinkles are far more pronounced. Im 36 now but shouldn’t be in such bad shape. Like I said thoguh, this has all been in the course of a 3 year & some odd months battle. I have told several Dr’s, my family, Dermatologist about my concerns & you’re absolutely right…everybody thinks I’m crazy. I have read there are actually a lot of people with this problem yet NOT ONE PERSON GAS AN ANSWER as to WHAT THIS IS EXACTLY OR how to fully get rid of this. Best of luck to you. I wish I had more to say that would help you. I just wanted you to know you are not alone and not at all crazy.

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