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Does Baby Shampoo Help Eliminate Demodex Mites?

baby shampoo and demodex
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This article tries to explain the effect of baby shampoo in eliminating Demodex parasites. But first, let’s know a little more about Demodex mites and find out their role in causing or aggravating common skin and hair issues. Stay tuned with OZiDEX.

What Are Demodex Mites?

Demodex mites are microscopic octopus parasites that usually live in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Most people are affected by them, but since they are microscopic, they don’t notice them. And this prevents them from explaining their issues properly to their healthcare professionals. 

These mites feed on skin and hair nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, and cause or exacerbate many skin and hair complications.

Finally, when you notice their presence, it’s too late to get rid of them on your own as their population probably has become so large. As a result of their large numbers, you will likely suffer from many skin and hair complications, such as blepharitis, rosacea, acne, hair loss, etc.

People with blepharitis are usually advised to use baby shampoo to soothe their symptoms. But is the claim really true?

Can Washing Eyes With Baby Shampoo Help Improve Blepharitis?

Blepharitis is a complication of the eyelid due to various factors, such as bacterial infections. Demodex mites outbreak around the eyes is sometimes considered an important factor in developing this complication.

Blepharitis is usually of bacterial origin; thus, antibiotics are a standard part of the treatment process. However, in cases where the antibiotics are not working, blepharitis may be due to the high density of Demodex. Note that the signs and symptoms of both types are the same.

Research shows baby shampoo has little or no effect on removing Demodex mites. Excessive use of it may only irritate the skin and eyes. That’s because of the formaldehyde, which is usually used as a preservative in most baby shampoos.

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Demodex Mite-Related Blepharitis: Diagnose

In general, two types of blepharitis are common: anterior blepharitis and posterior blepharitis.

Although both Demodex species inhabiting the human body (Demodex brevis and Demodex folliculorum) play a role in both types of blepharitis, their function seems to be somehow specific. Demodex Brevis is more involved in causing or exacerbating posterior blepharitis, while Demodex folliculorum is more known to worsen anterior blepharitis.

Excessive concentration of Demodex mites and their harmful activities on the skin’s surface can lead to multiple skin and hair issues. For example, they play a significant role in causing or exacerbating rosacea. In fact, most people with rosacea suffer from Demodex mite’s overpopulation. Blepharitis can also occur in people with rosacea.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Demodex Mite Infestation?

Here are some signs and symptoms that you may experience if you are infested with Demodex mites:

  • Inflamed or dry skin
  • Itching and irritation
  • Small black spots that are present just under the surface of the skin
  • Broken blood vessels
  • Blemishes
  • Acne breakouts 
  • Redness 
  • Blackheads

You may contract the mites when you are taking antibiotics that damage your skin and when you have a weak immune system.

What Can You Do If You Have These Symptoms?

demodex symptoms

See your dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment. They can do skin scraping, check it under the microscope, and confirm the presence of Demodex mites. The common treatments include oral and topical antibiotics, ivermectin and other topical ointments. 

Demodex mites can transmit through contacts, such as kissing or sharing a towel with someone who has Demodex mites. So, one of the most important actions you must take after being diagnosed with these mites is to separate your personal items from others. Don’t share them with other family members, and don’t use their items as well.

How To Treat Demodex Mites?

So, what’s the best way to deal with them? The good news is that the Demodex mites are treatable. The bad news is that it’s often not easy at all. Many people believe that they just need to get rid of the mites, but it’s not that simple. Demodex mites can infest your entire body. And because they live in your skin, they can be present anywhere, from your ears to your vagina. 

In addition to the standard treatments mentioned in the previous section, Ozidex has a surprise to help you treat these annoying parasites.

demodex mite treatment

How Does Ungex Help Eliminate Demodex Mites?

Ungex is an Australian company that has developed anti-Demodex products with all herbal and natural compounds. These products can fight and destroy Demodex on your skin as well as other surfaces. 

Ungex not only helps reduce the density of the mites but is also effective in reducing inflammation and symptoms of other skin and hair complications such as blepharitis, rosacea, acne, hair loss, dandruff, thinning hair, etc. In general, our product can be effective in all skin complications that Demodex plays a role in triggering or exacerbating.

Ungex helps to eliminate Demodex and the complications caused by this parasite by supplying food resources for your skin and hair.

The unique and efficient protocol of Ungex gives you the opportunity to get rid of these parasites. Furthermore, Ungex helps restore the beauty and health of your skin and hair, the blessings that Demodex has taken from you.

Ungex treatment includes not only a set of products effective in reducing the Demodex density. There is also a unique guide for a healthy lifestyle. Our guideline is a good self-care program. It helps you benefit from the suggested solutions and take advantage of Ungex free consulting during the treatment. 

We help you fight against these skin parasites as well as other similar pests—Ungex helps restore your beauty and confidence.

To know your skin Demodex density, take the Demodex online test. Benefit from Ungex services.

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