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The Powerful Acne Solution: Demodex Mite Skin Treatment

Acne Caused By demodex Mites
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On human skin, we have many small holes (pores) from which hair grows out of. In these pores, oil is produced from the sebaceous glands. (which are located under the hair follicles) This oil can be spread across the skin and along hair strands and may lead to blockages in the pores. There are many factors that can lead to blocked pores, and this often results in pimples, zits or even acne. When the number of pimples increase, you should seek for an acne solution.
Acne is one of the most common skin problems globally, and although it is not fatal, it can cause many personal, social, and emotional issues. Demodex mite skin treatment is a precious acne solution, a process paved by Procutin, and manufactured by Ozidex.

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How Acne Develops

As mentioned, when pores in our skin are blocked, it can lead to acne. Various factors (whether independently or in combination with each other) can cause this blockage:
• Bacteria
• Dead skin cells
• Dirt
• Cosmetics and healthcare products oils
• Overproduction of sebum
• Skin pests including the Demodex mite

The Role of Demodex in Rosacea

Different Types of Acne:

Before seeking acne solutions, let’s briefly introduce acne types. Acne mainly affects people in the form of blackheads or whiteheads. These two types are called “comedones.” When blackheads have opened on the skin’s surface and are exposed to oxygen, it causes them to darken. In comparison, whiteheads are closed just under the skin and haven’t interacted with oxygen yet. They ,therefore, stay white in colour.
In addition to comedones, there are other types of acne:
• Papules: They are caused by inflammation of the hair follicles. These pimples are small, red, and painful bumps.
• Pustules: They are small and red, with pus accumulated on their tips.
• Nodules: They are hard and painful lumps under the skin.
• Cysts: Painful large lumps under the skin in which pus accumulates.

Demodex contains various harmful bacteria

acne prevention

To avoid acne, you need to eliminate the risk factors as much as possible:

• Wash your skin when needed with a non-soapy appropriate cleanser to prevent the accumulation of dirt, excess skin oil, and cosmetic grease in the skin’s pores.
• Avoid squeezing pimples; this causes inflammation and the bacteria spreading on the skin.
• Avoid oily fast foods and foodstuffs rich in simple carbohydrates.
• Use only oil-free cosmetics with a “non-comedogenic” (not pore-clogging) label.
• Get help to control your Demodex mites.

Following the pore’s closure, bacteria begin to grow. Oily, “Sebum” accumulates in this closed ecosystem and eventually leads to acne.
In addition to the above, some other factors increase the risk of acne. These risk factors are present at different stages of life, and some of them, like genetics, are un-avoidable:
• Hormonal changes during Puberty
• Hormonal changes caused by pregnancy
• Fatty and fried foods
• Consuming large amounts of sugar and refined carbohydrates
• Family history
• Certain drugs, such as: corticosteroids, testosterone, and lithium.
• Taking contraceptives
• Stress (exacerbates acne)


What are Demodex Mites, and How Can They Cause Acne?

Like other mammals, human skin has pests that, if increased in population, can affect the overall health of the skin and hair. These pests are called Demodex.
Demodex is a microscopic mite that has lived long on mammalian skins. Among this genus, Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis are two species that belong only to humans. Demodex folliculorum lives in the hair follicles and the type of brevis under the sebaceous glands beneath the strands.
These parasites may overgrow during some health-related conditions, such as immune deficiencies and some skin problems, and may physically cause skin pores to get closed.
Besides, Demodex contains various harmful bacteria that can block the pores. Different inflammatory substances are released from the body of Demodex – whether alive or dead – which leads to acne by provoking inflammation or/and arousing the immune system. That’s why Demodex mite skin treatment is necessary as an acne solution

Wash skin

Find Relief with Demodex Mite Skin Treatment

OZiDEX, a leading Australian company in Demodex Mite Skin Treatment has produced a unique product called Procutin. This natural and herbal product eliminates Demodex mites through a unique formula and guideline, thus helping to cure most skin and hair diseases. PROCUTiN directly kills skin parasites and helps treat acne via this mechanism.

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