PROCUTiN is a unique product by OZiDEX that helps treat various skin and hair issues, such as rosacea, acne, hair loss, thinning hair, dermatitis, itchy skin, and blepharitis, by assisting the skin Demodex mite treatment process.

How Does Procutin Help?

The product eliminates parasites that cause or exacerbate a variety of skin and hair conditions. These parasites are known as ‘Demodex mites.’

PROCUTiN directly kills Demodex mites on both skin and environmental surfaces. It can help you regain the life, health, and shine of your hair and skin.

Some of the compounds of Procutin

polysorbate 20

Numerous studies on polysorbate 20 indicate that there are antiviral and antibacterial effects of this compound. Polysorbate is one of the ingredients that allow Procutin to effectively assist the skin Demodex mite treatment by eliminating harmful germs excreted from the body of the Demodex.


Like polysorbate, glycerin is effective in killing bacteria. As the major effects and symptoms caused by Demodex are due to the harmful bacteria they secrete from their bodies. By utilizing glycerin in Procutin, it proves beneficial in solving many Demodex-related issues.


Geraniol is another beneficial compound of Procutin, that enhances the anti-demodectic effect that this OZiDEX product has on bacteria. 

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic due to it containing fatty acids, such as lauric acid. This compound can kill Demodex mites in particular. Coconut oil’s other advantage is that it is one of the few oils that Demodex mites can not feed on. For this reason, we recommend using this oil exclusively to moisturise the skin.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has long been used to eliminate Demodex. However, extended use can lead to unwanted side effects, which then outweigh its advantages. Tea tree oil is a major ingredient used in Procutin. By using the perfect concentration, our formula allows Tea Tree oil to act synergistically with the other compounds. Therefore meaning that long-term use does not usually associate with a specific complication.

Free of gluten

PROCUTiN is free of sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), paraben, silicon and gluten. Due to the absence of gluten, it is suitable for people with celiac disease or gluten-sensitive anthropopathy.

How to Use Procutin on the Skin:

For best results, spray the product directly on affected areas of skin, every night for at least 3-4  months.

  • Clean your skin if necessary.
  • Dampen your skin with wet hands.
  • Spray PROCUTiN directly on the problem areas.
  • Do not rinse.
  • Repeat every night for 3-4 months.

How to Use PROCUTiN on Sensitive Skins:

To prevent potential side effects on sensitive skin, during the first three weeks of Demodex mite treatment, you should dilute PROCUTiN with pure fresh drinking water into the following proportions:

  • First week: 2/10 ratio
  • Second week: 4/10 ratio
  • Third week: 7/10 ratio

From the fourth week, treatment continues at full concentration.

How to Use The Product on Environmental Surfaces:

The Demodex mite can live outside of the body for hours, even days. During this time, the mites can spread to a new host, or back to its original carrier. To prevent this cross transfer:

  • Regularly spray a small amount of PROCUTiN on items that are in direct contact with the skin and hair (such as combs, pillows, and other fabrics).

Die-Off Reaction

When using Procutin, some people may notice their symptoms worsen before getting better. This is called the “die-off reaction” and it is the body’s way of indicating that Procutin is functioning correctly. When a large number of Demodex mites are eliminated, the stimulants released from their bodies cause an inflammatory response. It is this reaction that can lead to the temporary worsening of symptoms.

What are the Other Benefits of Procutin?

PROCUTiN’s capabilities are not limited to treating only Demodex mites. The product can kill different types of mites, insects, ticks, viruses and some other potentially harmful agents on both the skin and environments. The testimonials of OZiDEX clients reflect this fact.

Besides, Procutin’s beneficial herbal and natural compounds nourish the skin and hair, keeping you healthy and strong.

How to Help Procutin about Environmental Demodex mites:

Demodex can transmit from the skin to other items, such as combs, hats, scarves, and beddings. Procutin kills these outlying environmental Demodex directly and prevents them from returning to your skin.

To help and save on Procutin, do the followings:

  • Leave the sheets, pillowcases, and fabrics in the sun for a few hours. This eliminates the skin pests transmitted to the materials.
  • Avoid reusing items and fabrics for at least 52 hours (the time required for Demodex to die).

More Information:

For more information about the Ozidex Skin Demodex Mite Treatment , read the complete Procutin user guide through this link.

8 thoughts on “ABOUT PROCUTiN

  1. Ati says:

    I suffered with bad problems of flaky scalp, dandruff and rashes on my head for years. Doctors couldn’t help and after doing my own research I heard of Demodex.

    Suddenly all my so called ‘unexplained problems’ make sense.

    I am happy to be getting rid of them with your product -> Procutin.

    This product work great, just need patience and time.
    Thank you so mush 🙂

    1. sepideh-ozidex says:

      Thanks for your kind comment Ati. Yeah, as you told in order to wipe out all generations of Demodex mites, at least 3-4 months of treatment is needed.

  2. Annabelle Cervantes says:

    How do you use it to treat blepharitis

    1. sepideh-ozidex says:

      Hi Annabelle,
      It’s a good question. Generally, we say Demodex mites can be removed in 3-4 months, but for Blepharitis cases, it can task longer time (6-9 months). Since eyes are very sensitive organs, you have to use our Procutin spray more carefully. Like using it diluted for the first 1-2 months of the treatment period, avoiding spraying it directly on eyes, and other rules which you can read more in-depth here.

  3. Shiva Gottschalk says:

    Do you spray this directly in your scalp?

    1. sepideh-ozidex says:

      Hi Shiva, thanks for your question.
      You had better spray it on your palms first then rub your palms to your scalp.
      Procutin is formulated to be suitable for sensitive skin when its concentration is gradually increased over a period of time. Do not mix Procutin with tap water (Just cooled boiled water).

      ● In the first week, mix the product with water on your palms in a ratio of 2 to 10.
      ● In the second week, mix the product in a ratio of 4 to 10 with water.
      ● In the third week, mix the product in a ratio of 7 to 10 with water.
      ● You can use the product in full concentration in the fourth week.

  4. Ann Ashworth says:

    Tenacity is the key word. This treatment is excellent , but not an overnight fix. If you are serious about combatting demodex you have to have a nightly treatment.If you stick to this , you won’t be disappointed.

    I have been getting great results with procutin. I have been using it now for 66 days. I am adhering to your care plans. After 4 weeks use my skin looked horrible. It must have been die off symptoms I think. However, I persevered and now my skin is looking quite clear. My eye lashes are improving , I check them daily with a magnifying glass and mirror.The problem I have is that I need a moisturiser. I am 73. I use the coconut oil as advised but miss a regular moisture treatment. I wonder have you any plans for making a moisture cream? Also, wouldn’t it be great if you developed a mascara that would look great and deter demodex at the same time.
    I wonder what you recommend for prevention and recurrence of demodex. In the long term.?

    1. sepideh-ozidex says:

      Dear Ann,

      Thank you for your message regarding your positive experience with Procutin in combating Demodex.
      However, we do not produce moisturizers or mascara. We specialize in developing treatments specifically for the eradication of Demodex mites.
      Regarding the die-off symptoms you experienced, it is not uncommon to see a temporary worsening of symptoms before improvements occur. To achieve the best outcome, it is essential to adhere to the nightly treatment plan.
      For your moisturizing needs, we recommend using something which is paraben free and not very oily.
      To prevent and reduce the recurrence of Demodex, we recommend following a consistent skincare routine, practicing good hygiene, and keeping your living spaces clean.
      Thank you for your interest in our products. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Best regards

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